It ain’t enough

Since the day we met, we have travelled a journey heading from strangers to beloved. Many a times I’ve resisted myself from saying you “I love you” before you have accepted the same. I couldn’t even tell you how hard it was to stand in opposite of my own, yet I did. The ultimate proposal day – you finally said “I love you” and I muttered the same near your ear.

Today, I’m searching, thinking, weaving, hunting and trying to discover the words more powerful than “I love you” because they ain’t enough now as my love for you has crossed rivers and mountains, has drown oceans and volcanoes and has experienced rain and sunshine all at once.

I have fallen so deep in the ocean of his love
that to come up I have to die.

~ Sakshi Rajput



Yes! you’re a hope, you came in my life to become a lifetime. You brought me giggles and tickles, the sunshine and pickles. Days with no charm and phantasm suddenly changed into days with magic. I have seen butterflies, dandelions and fireflies embedding in my invisible tiara since the moment the universe has versed us together in it’s another love story.

A road which was once covered with folks, thorns, fishhooks and needles, has now killed all these obstacles and has grown love as if the lillies grow in the valley. I have hopes now to lead this existence up to the stars and bring one among them to adorn my heart, so that you’ll have a beautiful place to live in as you have given me a heaven to reside.

~Sakshi Rajput


Drink me from within and throb through my skin, I want to soak you in my words of love and vacant fear of your heart to fill it with me. I’ve abandoned my soul to wander along the path that leads to you. My body is begging for the art of your twirling tongue upon my skin and taking my breath away. The actions of holding my hands to the walls and swallowing dripping water inside the pores. Creeping on my back, you make me want more and more of you. But can I get enough of you? “Never, I say”.

I want to sip those words slipping through yours lips. The burning fire of my love desires needs you to come alongwith a tray of ice cubes and a bucket full of cold water with your love mixed in it to extinguish the flame. I feel wordless when I see you but I admire the way our bodies talk. I want our every night to end like same and meet the shinning sun when our naked souls are wrapped with a white blanket but never had the same tramp.

Tonight or every night, I’m yours. I see our thoughts making love to eachother on a bed covered with red rose petals. The heat of your velvety skin making me sweat even more. You fill my pores with rapture and love. Let’s have a love affair of lifetime and afterlife. I yearn for your love. You are the air that keeps me alive, I need you to breath.

~Sakshi Rajput

I became a grave that day

Today I woke up to the beautiful sun
To the rays falling on the half of my face.
Put my feet on the carpet. I sluggishly walked to the kitchen to get my coffee, opened the windows and let the winds touch my face.

I put butterflies in my hair and crystals on my smile
A lot of things in my head
Plenty of questions and a million dreams,
Dreams to climb up the cliff
The sky was my wide blue ocean which denied to end and birds seemed it’s little fishes
But as the day progressed the dark took over.
This blue turned to a dark gloomy night, a scary one.
I was walking alone on the road which lead to nowhere but hell.

I couldn’t see the faces beneath those black masks. I wanted to disappear but I couldn’t.
If only it was my worst nightmare but it wasn’t.
The night painted my dreams into black once and for all.
I felt like someone pushed me down from the edges. My stomach was aching.

All my colors faded away.
My screams went unheard. All my butterflies vanished in thin air and the crystals broke into pieces.
I was alive, I still am, but, just a body. Nothing else.
Because my soul died the moment my world shut.

~Sakshi Rajput


Just a thought of him captivates me within his soul. It is more like a bird coming inside, to live in a cage which is feeding her with love more than this sky could ever do do.

He is the one who takes my breathe away and the one I need to breathe, at the same time. The pain and the pleasure he apportions into my blood is building a heaven inside me, where we will be showering love at each other.

He cherishes the beauty I have in the core of my body. I never ask for, but I can see the urges that he makes to love my every single inch, to love my desires and to love my fantasies. No doubt he is my biggest fantasy ever. He is spirituous and intoxicating as a drug, which is a capacious cause for my body to fit in the frame of existence on this planet of love.

He comes into my mind just like the waves hit the sea shores and leave a dim water mark on the sand , he once fathomed the depth of my love, which is as great as the deep blue and I’m not going to allow him to leave as he is my favourite in.

~Sakshi Rajput